The new NEXOS.

Up to your challenges.

A successful harvest and a premium product: that's the bottom line. We have developed the new NEXOS to help you achieve this. It will rise to whatever challenge awaits it on your farm and perform every task with versatility, power, comfort and reliability. Configure it precisely to your needs and give it plenty of work. It'll be worth your while.

It's perfect for you.

Whether you use the new NEXOS in orchards, vineyards or for municipal work, the tractor can be tailored precisely to your needs and your working methods. To accommodate a wide range of requirements and implements, we offer an extensive choice of tractor types and a variety of equipment options.

More power to take you forward.

The new NEXOS is the ideal partner for anyone who wants to get a lot done in a short time without consuming too much fuel. Powerful engines combined with the new gearbox give you the edge you need. The 120 hp version is the most powerful small tractor on the market.

Superior comfort improves your productivity.

If you want to work efficiently for long periods, you need a workplace where you feel comfortable. The spacious cab with flat floor and right-hand side console provides all the ride and operating comfort you could wish for. Numerous automated functions assist you with routine tasks and simplify your day-to-day work. The good all-round view means you can work safely even in confined spaces.

Reassuringly reliable.

You can rely on the quality of the NEXOS. We have been developing special tractors for more than 35 years and have evolved the tractor concept in close cooperation with our customers. We incorporate your practical experiences into every further development, which is why the NEXOS just keeps getting better and better. And let's not forget the high-quality components, meticulous production processes and a service that is always there for you.


What more could you wish for?

High lift capacity.

You manipulate tremendous weights during tillage work and crop spraying as well as when harvesting and transporting your fruit. With a lift capacity of 3.1 t at the rear and 2.8 t at the front, the NEXOS can handle any implement. The M and L models can be fitted with a hydraulic lift rod and side stabilisers for precise implement guidance on slopes.

  Width Operator's platform Engine
NEXOS S 1 m Cab 75 to 120 hp
NEXOS M 1.25 m Cab 75 to 120 hp
NEXOS MD 1.25 m Platform 75 to 103 hp
NEXOS L 1.45 m Cab / platform 75 to 120 hp
NEXOS LD 1.45 m Platform 75 to 103 hp
NEXOS XL 1.55 m Cab / platform 85 to 120 hp

Many different models.

For transport, crop protection or harvesting, the NEXOS comes in several guises. Narrow or extra-wide, high or low, cab or platform, entry-level model or top-of-the-range – it's your choice. Choose a tractor that is precisely tailored to your farm.

Compact design.

The NEXOS is designed for tight spaces. Take advantage of its compact size and small turning circle with every manoeuvre.

Enormous flexibility.

Combine up to three operations in a single pass. As well as the front and rear linkage, there is an additional attachment point between the front axle and the cab for mechanical weed control. The mounting plates at the side are compatible with all major manufacturers' mid-mounted attachments. You can also equip your NEXOS with a front mounting plate instead of a front linkage. This reduces the overhang and increases stability when using very heavy implements. So you can work productively, protect the soil and plan your work efficiently.

Proven tractor concept.

With its compact overall length, the NEXOS is impressively agile. It also features a long wheel base and ideal weight distribution, enabling it to lift even the heaviest of implements effortlessly and perform brilliantly in every situation.

Increase your productivity.

Powerful hydraulics.

The high hydraulic output of 87 l/min makes your job easier. You can control your implements with precision. The full 60 l/min from one pump is available for up to four electronic spool valves. A second separate hydraulic circuit delivers a further 27 l/min for the rear linkage.

Powerful engines.

Four-cylinder engines with 85 to 120 hp guarantee constant output and power delivery when they are needed and comply with the Stage V emissions standard. You can work fuel-efficiently at low engine speed and maximum torque. In short, you benefit from a higher area output and greater productivity.

Efficient transmission.

Manoeuvre quickly and comfortably at the headland or when stacking crates. The REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser combined with SMART STOP* automatically disengages the transmission when you stop. You can reach a speed of 40 km/h at around 1,700 rpm, ensuring low fuel consumption and reduced noise levels.

Large fuel tank.

A short window of opportunity makes for long working days. With a maximum diesel tank capacity of 75 l (NEXOS S) or 100 l (NEXOS M, MD, L, LD and XL), you can get a huge amount of work done without having to refuel.

Work more efficiently.

Spacious cab.

The 6-pillar cab with flat floor provides surprisingly generous head and leg room for a narrow-gauge tractor, along with a perfect all-round view. The improved ergonomics with integrated shift lever allows you to work in comfort without tiring.

Clean air.

The Category 4 cab filter system (to EN 15695) integrated into the cab roof protects you from dust, aerosols and vapours during crop spraying. The carefully sealed cab minimises not only the entry of harmfully substances but also the noise level.

Highly flexible.

The ISOBUS* connections are located in the rear and mid-mount area. You can control all your ISOBUS-enabled implements with a corresponding ISOBUS terminal such as the CEMIS 700.

Work lights as bright as day.

Up to eight work lights are built into the reconfigured roof so you can see as clear as day when working in the twilight. Choose from halogen or LED work lights.

Practical assistance.

Dynamic steering* saves you time-consuming steering wheel manoeuvres at narrow headlands. Automatic PTO control provides further assistance by automatically disengaging attachments on lifting and re-engaging them on lowering.

Excellent ride comfort.

You'll find that with the NEXOS, you can work happily all day long without tiring. The combination of level-controlled front axle suspension, a cab mounted on silent blocks and the comfort seat with air suspension makes for an exceptionally comfortable ride.

Operational reliability counts.

Developed over many years.

The production facility is not the only factor that determines the success of an outstanding product – it's also about how all the carefully matched components work perfectly together. The Rovigo factory has been developing and manufacturing tractors for working in vineyards, orchards and with other speciality crops for around 35 years.

Meticulous validation.

Your farm or business needs high quality machines to ensure that you can work safely and reliably. Our validation process makes sure of this. All tractors in the CLAAS product range undergo the same validation steps to ensure consistently high quality across the board.

High-quality manufacturing.

When it comes to manufacturing the NEXOS, quality that lasts is not our sole priority. Your satisfaction is paramount. Since 2009, more than 10,000 CLAAS narrow-gauge tractors have rolled off the assembly line – three generations in all.

Intelligent production processes and seamless quality controls ensure outstanding manufacturing quality. This is how we ensure that you can completely rely on your tractor at every minute of the day.

Outstanding service.

Your success depends on both the right machine and the right level of service. Our CLAAS dealers are always there for you. Thanks to our short lines of communication, you can generally expect to receive spare parts within 24 hours.

In addition, we offer service agreements which deliver predictable costs, reliable operation, and peace of mind. For example, the MAXI CARE Protect extended warranty or MAXI CARE Maintenance, which covers all prescribed maintenance work.

*available soon

Satisfied NEXOS customers.

Olivier Dufour
Wine production

NEXOS 260 S.
Up to your challenges.

On the Trottières Estate we employ around ten permanent staff along with seasonal workers. Five of the seven tractors in our fleet are CLAAS.

We process and vinify all our grapes on site and sell mainly to wine merchants, supermarkets and private individuals. At Trottières we produce AOC-quality wines (controlled designation of origin).

Guillaume Hors
Apple production

NEXOS 260 M.
Up to your challenges.

We are a tree nursery established in 1953 with several production sites in the Vaucluse, Haute-Garonne, Gard and the Alps.

When you invest so much effort in producing an apple and then see it on the supermarket shelves, you feel so proud. You start off with nothing, and at the end you have an apple, a wonderful apple.

Pascal Petitot
Mirabelle plum production

Up to your challenges.

My name is Pascal Petitot and since 1998 I have worked on a 210-hectare family farm where we have 160 hectares of cereal crops and 30 hectares of plum and cherry orchards.

We certainly take pride in our work as fruit producers. When we see the fruit on the stalls and in the supermarkets, we take a good look at it, and we're proud of what we have achieved. We talk about it a lot within the family. I have friends in Brittany who tell me the price they charge there for plums with the Mirabelle de Lorraine designation.


NEXOS   260 240 230 220
Number of cylinders   4 4 4 4
Cubic capacity cm³ 3600 3600 3600 3600
Nominal engine speed rpm 2300 2300 2300 2300
Max. output (ECE R 120) kW/hp 88/120 76/103 68/92 62/85
Type approval value kW 85 72 67 61
Max. torque (ECE R 120) Nm 466 406 366 334
COMFORT gear ratio (F/R)   30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30
TREND gear ratio (F/R)   24/24 24/24 24/24
Powershift speeds   2 2 2 2
Max. speed km/h 40 40 40 40



NEXOS   260 XL
240 XL
230 XL
220 XL
260 L
240 L
230 L
220 L
240 LD
230 LD
220 LD
260 M
240 M
230 M
220 M
240 MD
230 MD
220 MD
260 S
240 S
230 S
220 S
PTO speed rpm            
Ground PTO  
Max. flow at rated speed l/min 87 87 87 87 87 87
Number of spool valves   2–6 2–6 2–6 2–6 2–6 2–6
Max. lift capacity at rear linkage kg 3100 3100 2590 3100 2590 3100
COMFORT cab version  
TREND platform version  
Overall length mm 4058 4058 4058 4058 4058 4058
Overall height with cab mm 2509 2509 2509 2509
Overall height with roll bar retracted mm 1528.5 1528.5 1428.5 1428.5
Wheelbase mm 2154 2154 2105 2178 2115 2178
Turning radius m 3.41 3.48 3.45 3.72 3.40 3.65
Min. external width (cab / platform) mm 1490 / 1490 1324 / 1227 - / 1354 1257 / - - / 1215 1000 / -
not available