Shift your mind.

CLAAS Tractors with CMATIC.

Once you've experienced CMATIC, there'll be no going back. Discover all the benefits of the CLAAS continuously variable transmission.

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Shift your mind.

CLAAS Tractors with CMATIC.

Once you've experienced CMATIC, there'll be no going back. Discover all the benefits of the CLAAS continuously variable transmission.

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Step onboard to shift your mind.

Forget everything you thought you knew about continuously variable tractor transmissions. CMATIC from CLAAS will change your mind forever.

CMATIC increases your efficiency by operating at the optimum speed at all times, whatever the task. It combines legendary ride comfort with simple operation. So you can focus all your attention on the job in hand and taking advantage of the long-lasting transmission quality. Four good, rational reasons. And now one for the heart: it's great fun to drive on the road and in the field.

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More efficient than you thought.

With CMATIC you can rest assured that you're always operating at just the right speed for optimum efficiency. The transmission delivers exactly the right amount of power and torque for the job in hand and keeps fuel consumption down. This applies just as much to slow fieldwork as it does to heavy tillage. And you'll be amazed how much more enjoyable rapid road journeys can be!

CMATIC – brings efficiency to every task at every speed!

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More durable than you imagined.

We know you have doubts – but CMATIC will dispel them. With this continuously variable transmission, outstanding durability is a given. Its uncompromising manufacturing quality and durability are borne out by several thousand hours of testing and field work. Whatever you're doing and whatever the conditions, you can absolutely rely on CMATIC.

CMATIC – built to last for thousands of operating hours!

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Comfort and convenience.

More comfortable than you expected.

Simply set the target speed, and CMATIC will take care of the rest. With no shifting, you can relax and focus on the job in hand. And there's no need to worry when working on slopes. The active powered zero gives you peace of mind when stopping and starting. In short: an intelligent transmission designed to reduce your work load, put you at ease and make tractor work more enjoyable.

Intelligent transmission? CMATIC!

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Ease of operation.

Easier than you anticipated.

Just step onboard, select the direction of travel – and off you go. You can drive the tractor almost entirely with the accelerator pedal or control lever. No need for the clutch, incorrect operation is impossible. Once you've experienced it, there'll be no going back!

CMATIC – step onboard and away you go!

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José Novo S.L

Contractor & livestock farmer

I have had Claas tractors since Claas started manufacturing tractors. I have never had any problems with the gearboxes and I currently have tractors with more than 20,000 hours. The ease of use and reliability of the CMATIC gearboxes is what makes me choose this type of transmission.

In forestry crushing work, the demands placed on the transmission are very high and I have never had any problems with CMATIC gearboxes, and in such demanding work, they also protect the tractor.

In agricultural work, the comfort and efficiency of the CMATIC transmission is the most important thing I would highlight.

S.A.T Carballeiras

Livestock farmer
Lalin (Pontevedra)

I have other tractors with stepless transmissions and the versatility and efficiency of the CMATIC gearbox is superior.

Without the CMATIC transmission it would be impossible to achieve the low fuel consumption data we get with high power tractors.

The convenience of not having to worry about choosing the right gear is appreciated on longer working days.

Once you adapt and see the performance and comfort, you don't want to go back to a conventional transmission.

Juan Manuel, Francisco, Samuel

Livestock farming, Contractor
Gálvez, Toledo

When you try the CMATIC transmission, it's irreversible; you don't want another technology.

The high level of fuel efficiency is unbeatable compared to other types of transmissions.

Continuous variable transmissions are very versatile, it adapts to all jobs, as in the headlands where you no longer have the problem of being stuck halfway between one gear and another.

Compared to a powershift transmission, CMATIC is much more controllable and easier to use.

Drivers Comfort is the key of the CMATIC technology, work is made more pleasant on long days because it is much more restful thanks to the way it adapts to all conditions.

Garry Russell

Contractor from Dumfries (Scotland)

"My name is Garry Russell and I work as a contractor in Dumfries in the south of Scotland, near the English border. At GTR Contracts we offer a wide range of services nationwide for the agricultural, forestry and construction sectors. This means that we have to have reliable, efficient machines that we can count on all year round. So we have nine CLAAS tractors in our fleet, five of which are equipped with a CMATIC transmission.

Our work rate and efficiency has increased enormously since we switched several of our machines to CMATIC. When the PTO speed decreases, CMATIC automatically slows down slightly to maintain the engine speed and thus the quality of work. It's easier to control and operate than a powershift transmission. That's a huge advantage for us as contractors – and as operators you can focus more of your attention on the job."

Łukasz Haase

Farmer from Barniewice (Poland)

"My name is Łukasz Haase and I work on our family farm. We grow wheat, maize, oilseed rape and beet on around 2,000 hectares. Our CLAAS tractors are a great help: we have a XERION 5000, an AXION 920 and an AXION 810 on the farm – all with CMATIC transmission.

What impresses me most about these machines? The low fuel consumption combined with a relative high output. Our machines from other manufacturers consume around 10 per cent more fuel than tractors with CMATIC. This efficiency is key for us – especially as we have 2,000 hectares of land to manage."

Andrew Harris

Farmer from Oxfordshire (UK)

"My name is Andrew Harris and I run a farm near the peaceful town of Farington in Oxfordshire, about two hours west of London by car. I recently cut back my arable land to a little over 200 hectares, where I grow winter wheat, spring and winter barley, beans and linseed.

I opted for an ARION 660 with CMATIC because the system is very easy to operate and once set up, the engine and transmission always work in harmony together. That saves a significant amount of fuel and makes my farm much more efficient – as an agricultural business we have to think about our profit margins too, so this is no small matter.

Krzysztof and Grzegorz Zieliński

Farming brothers from Głuszynko (Poland)

"We are brothers Krzysztof and Grzegorz Zieliński and we farm in Głuszynko near the Baltic coast in Northern Poland. We grow mainly oilseed rape, wheat and maize on around 800 hectares of arable land on our farm. We also offer agricultural contracting services. Our CLAAS tractors with CMATIC are a great help: we have an AXION 940, an AXION 950, an AXION 960 and an AXION 810.

We expect a high level of comfort from our tractors – after all, we spend a great deal of time on them in our day-to-day work. Anyone with similar requirements would not be disappointed by tractors with CMATIC transmission: ease of operation combined with the extremely comfortable cab makes for a pleasant working environment. What's more, the machines are so versatile that we can use them for any type of work. And last but not least, we were so impressed by the fuel savings that we now have four tractors with CMATIC."

Matthew Harrison

Farmer from Blakeney (UK)

"We grow spring barley, winter wheat, potatoes and sugar beet on 810 hectares on our farm in Blakeney (Norfolk) in the east of England. We also have 50 suckler cows and their calves – so we've got our hands full. But we have reliable support from our three CLAAS tractors with CMATIC.

Opting for machines with CMATIC was a no-brainer for us. Our ARION 660 does the lion's share of the potato work, e.g. planting and harvesting. The continuously variable transmission makes it possible to achieve an optimum balance between performance and fuel consumption. So on one day we might work more hectares, but consume less fuel. In my view, with a powershift transmission you can rarely do such good, efficient work as you can with a CMATIC transmission."

The wide range of CMATIC models

Discover the diversity of CMATIC tractors


  • Max. 462 - 530 hp (ECE R 120)
  • Continuously variable CMATIC transmission technology
  • Trac – versatility over 400hp


  • Max. 355 - 445 hp (ECE R 120)
  • Continuously variable CMATIC transmission technology
  • TERRA TRAC for soil protection


  • Max. 325 - 445 hp (ECE R 120)
  • Continuously variable CMATIC transmission technology
  • Enormous tractive power


  • Max. 215 - 295 hp (ECE R 120)
  • Continuously variable CMATIC transmission technology
  • The powerful all-rounder


  • Max. 145 - 205 hp (ECE R 120)
  • Continuously variable CMATIC transmission technology
  • The compact six-cylinder


  • Max. 125 - 165 hp (ECE R 120)
  • Continuously variable CMATIC transmission technology
  • The large four-cylinder